The High Spirits Family Band's Summer Singles

by High Spirits

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Recorded to 4-track at home some time around 2010. Additional mixing and mastering thanks to Caleb. Extra thanks to my friends for lending their talents.


released March 13, 2015

The High Spirits Family Band:

Alice - guitars, vocals
Caleb - bass on track 2
Colleen - vocals
Ed - violin on track 5
O.H.W.M. - drums



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High Spirits Portland, Maine

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Track Name: My Favorite Dress
Take me to a secret spot
We'll lie down where the grass is soft
and talk for hours in the sun

I'll bring a picnic basket
full of sandwiches and vegetables
You bring me flowers from a grave

I'm so glad that you're wearing my favorite summer dress
It's the green one with yellow flowers that I like best

Tell me something no one knows
I'll show you where my garden grows
and you can pick a fruit from any tree
Track Name: She's Like A Dream
She keeps me waiting
I don't mind waiting
But why does it take so long?
I've gotta be strong
Impossibly strong

My head is reeling
with certain feelings
of love and also of pain
It's hard to explain
I'll try to explain

She's like a dream
slowly floating by
Intangible, ethereal
Fading into sky

She's not my girlfriend
She's no one's girlfriend
'cause she can't make up her mind
She just can't decide
Might never decide

I'm left to wonder
to sit and ponder
this mess I've made of my life
Please hand me that knife
Just hand me that knife

She's a nightmare
She will swallow you whole
Insatiable, insurmountable
Blacker than my soul
Track Name: Lazy Wave
Dedicated to Josh Potocki.
Track Name: Love
I walked the land,
I crossed the sea,
and when I found her
she said to me,
whispered in my ear,
"I'd like to tell you
what can't be told.
I want to show you
what can't be shown."

She spoke a language
ancient and strange
and when she touched me
everything changed.
I closed my eyes.